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The Forex market offers excellent liquidity with over $4 trillion traded every market day. Coupled with a 24hr market environment, this provides our professional traders with the best possible potential for profits.
Yes, the Power Forex service is designed for the investor who doesn't have time to trade or doesn't have any previous knowledge or experience with regard to trading the Forex market.
Yes, the only requirement is that you have a Forex trading account at an MT4 (MetaTrader) broker. Most brokers offer the MT4 platform.
Each of our professional traders uses trading methodologies that are a combination of proprietary algorithms and manual trading. Those trades selected by the professional traders for their own live money account are copied on a fully automated basis. Profitable results are always our goal while taking minimum levels of risk.

Note: Power Forex does not use any professional traders or systems that use grid, martingale, or excessive risk techniques in their trading.
Simply, there is volatility in active short term Forex trading. Experiencing a drawdown in your total account value at some point in time is an absolutely normal part of short term active trading. Overall profitability is much more important than short term fluctuations in trading performance.
The Power Forex program may be used at any MT4 broker through the cutting edge technology of our Trade Copier service.

Note: Our signals do not require excessive leverage and so any broker with 50:1 leverage or more (NFA compliant) will work for our service.
Yes, our technologically advanced Trade Replicator program places trades automatically in your MT4 Forex trading account.
Yes, you are always in control of your MT4 Forex trading account and can close trades early if you want to.
VPS service is not required if you can make sure your computer is on whenever the Forex market is open (24/5). However, using a VPS is highly recommended to insure consistent internet connection which is needed for your trading platform to function properly at all times. Managed hosting will be available at a very reasonable price if needed.
Yes, however you would need to set up each of your MT4 accounts separately as each account is subject to the monthly account subscription fee.
Yes, however the monthly account subscription fee would still apply.
You may add or withdraw funds from your account at any time. This is handled directly with the broker where your account is set up and is subject to the policies of that brokerage. Power Forex does not handle or have access to your funds. It is your account and you are in control of it.
The minimum account size will be determined by the broker you select. We do not set those parameters, however most brokers will have a minimum deposit of $200 and up. The minimum lot size allowed by your broker is very important.

Note: The minimum account size to participate is $200 USD or equivalent; however, you must have an account that will support the minimum lot size allowed by your broker.

Minimum lot size of your broker is 0.01 (micro lot - $0.10/Pip) = Minimum account size of $200
Minimum lot size of your broker is 0.10 (mini lot - $1.00/Pip) = Minimum account size of $2,000
Minimum lot size of your broker is 1.0 (standard lot - $10.00/Pip) = Minimum account size of $20,000
When you subscribe you will be provided with instructions for the settings that we recommend for the trade copier. Those settings will also be available in the Members Area.

Risk/Reward choices:
Conservative = Same as the Master account
Moderate = 2 X the Master account
Aggressive = 3 X the Master account

Note: Increasing the potential profits (Reward) also increases your potential loss (Risk) proportionately.
No, Power Forex does not have access to your funds and cannot transfer, deposit, or withdraw your money.
No, you do not need to sign an LPOA since you are in full control of your account at all times. Power Forex does not manage or have control over your money as we only provide a signal service that you can cancel at any time if you are ever unhappy with our service for any reason. You also control all risk settings for trades copied to your account.
The whole set up process is very easy. Complete detailed instructions are provided in the Members Area and no special technical skills are required.
We are not allowed to provide any guarantee of profit. You can view the performance page for information regarding past performance, however past performance is not indicative of future results. Risk Disclaimer
The monthly subscription fee is the only cost for the Power Forex service. There are no performance fees or any other costs. All profits are yours to keep.
You, the subscriber, are responsible for any and all taxes payable in your resident domicile or jurisdiction. We are not allowed to give tax advice.
Just go to the Home Page and follow the directions to subscribe. It's easy as 1-2-3.
If you have any questions that are NOT answered above, please Contact Us.

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